Kaufman & Canoles

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Kaufman & Canoles.

Kaufman & Canoles is a regional law firm with more than 90 attorneys and seven offices. A recently appointed CEO made a commitment to develop a new brand identity and positioning. Kaufman & Canoles desired a breakthrough brand that moved away from outdated fonts, colors and cliché law images to contemporary and sophisticated materials.

That’s where Otto came in. We were tapped to create and launch a breakaway brand for Kaufman & Canoles that supported its refined business model and positioned the firm for the future.

We began by meeting with key staff and committees to learn more about the firm. Otto then utilized its 100-day plan to manage the branding process and keep the complex project on schedule. The 100-day plan included a three-step process:

  • Research and communications audit, including review of all strategic plans, internal research, existing marketing materials and best marketing practices for law firms, as well as conducting one-on-one attorney interviews
  • Marketing plan development
  • Execution of key marketing components, including a website, new logo and identity package, print advertising, brochure, email marketing and a graphic standards website 

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